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Zoloft and generic antipsychotics. In this study, there were no substantial differences between the three groups. "Our results suggest that antipsychotics do not produce significant impairment in cognitive performance beyond that caused by the effects of psychotropic medications," he told Reuters Health. A recent review found that the cognitive deficits associated with psychotropic drugs might be caused by either a reduction in brain plasticity, or "rewiring"—and no one had actually tested the idea that drugs themselves might cause changes to the brain, says lead author Aknemycin plus online bestellen Matthew G. Giedd, an Zoloft 90 Pills 50mg $95 - $1.06 Per pill assistant professor of psychiatry and biomedical sciences. Giedd and his team set out to test how these drugs might affect the behavior of healthy people. After taking a placebo, the first-stage drug group was asked to perform a series of basic memory tests—including a working task and long-term memory task—as well as one standard neuropsychological test called buy zoloft online cheap the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices memory test. Afterward, the first-stage group received a new psychotropic medicine as well a placebo pill. After several months, the second-stage patients were given second-generation antipsychotics, and the Ventolin nebules to buy third-stage patients received second-generation antipsychotics, plus a placebo pill, Giedd said. The fourth-stage patients had a placebo pill taken with each pill. When the second-, third-, and fourth-stage subjects were then given the Neurocognitive Performance Test (NPT), a measure of processing speed, their scores were significantly worse than those of patients given the placebo pill, results showed. "It's interesting that we're able to demonstrate psychotropics impair neurocognitive performance in a healthy population," says Giedd, who has completed a series of experiments examining the potential neurotoxic effects of antipsychotics and antidepressants. The next step for Giedd is to analyze the NPT scores of each group under anesthesia to show exactly what drugs were causing the impairment. Giedd notes that the first-stage group, which received only a placebo pill for weeks, did not perform any worse than those given all three medications, and that a significant improvement in brain plasticity occurs after six weeks of treatment, which would have resulted from a period of time during which the first-stage medication was only being taken. "I think the study really points in that direction for the first-stage patients," he says. The first-stage medication appeared to work as long-term maintenance therapy, but Giedd notes that "the first-stage patients are not completely different from the second- and third-stage patients with respect to the neuropsychological function." He said that patients with chronic psychosis have been known to problems with thinking, especially long-term, complicated thinking and memory tasks, it may take months or years to see the effects of antipsychotics on these functions.

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